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Your Staircase - Often Looked Over & Often Overlooked

Staircases are often overlooked as design elements in a home, but they can have a big

impact on the overall look and feel of a space. A dated or drab staircase can detract from the beauty of a home, but with a few simple updates, it can become a stunning focal point. Here are some of the many ways a homeowner can make their staircase look updated and amazing.

  1. Paint or Stain: One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update a staircase is to paint or stain the treads and risers. A fresh coat of paint or a new stain color can transform the look of a staircase and make it feel brand new. For a bold look, consider painting each tread a different color or using a stencil pattern to add interest.

  2. New Handrails: Replacing the handrails on a staircase can also have a big impact. Choose a new design that complements the overall style of the home and adds an updated touch. Consider adding decorative elements such as wrought iron or carved details for a touch of elegance.

  3. Stair Treads: If the treads on your staircase are worn or stained, consider replacing them with new, updated materials. Options include hardwood, laminate, or carpet, each of which can add a new look and texture to the staircase.

  4. Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to creating a beautiful staircase. Consider adding recessed lighting along the stair risers, or installing a statement chandelier at the top of the stairs to draw attention to the staircase and make it a focal point.

  5. Wall Decor: The walls surrounding a staircase can also be updated with new decor. Add a gallery wall of framed artwork or family photos, or install a large statement piece, such as a tapestry or a large piece of artwork, to make the staircase a conversation piece.

  6. Carpet Runner: For a soft and cozy look, consider adding a carpet runner to the staircase. Choose a patterned or textured carpet that adds depth and interest, and coordinate with the color scheme of the home.

  7. Stair Riser Decals: Another fun and creative way to update a staircase is to add stair riser decals. Choose decals with a pattern or design that complements the overall style of the home, or create your own custom design for a unique touch.

There are many ways to update and transform a staircase into a stunning design element in a home. Whether it’s through paint or stain, new handrails, stair treads, lighting, wall decor, a carpet runner, or stair riser decals, the possibilities are endless. So why not get creative and make your staircase the beautiful and updated focal point it deserves to be?

by Damian Johnson

Owner, Spot-On Home Improvements

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